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 Our Limited Warranty


   Our limited warranty is included with the purchase of a vehicle/motorcycle and will expire after 30 days from the purchase date or after 1,000 miles is added to the mileage, whichever takes place first. Bryan James Motorcycles will pay 50% of the total repairs and the buyer of the vehicle/motorcycle will pay 50% of the total repairs of only the covered items. The limited warranty only covers the engine crankcase (internally) and transmission (internally). Fuel systems, electrical systems and any issues with these systems are not covered. Wear and tear items/parts including (clutches, drive-chains or sprockets, drive-belts, rear drive gears or u-joints, brakes, cables, hoses, levers, etc.) are not covered. Cosmetic items/parts, and valve-train adjustments are not covered under the limited warranty.


 ASC Warranty for Purchase


   An ASC Warranty is available for purchase at the time of the motorcycle purchase. ASC has a complete line of coverage and there is NO DEDUCTIBLE on covered parts and labor. All ASC Warranty plans come with 24 hour/7 days a week Emergency Roadside Assistance, towing, flat-tire assistance, and fluid delivery (fuel). The ASC Warranty is only available for motorcycles up to 10 years old.


Coverage: Engine, Transmission, Drive Axle (shaft-drive), Brakes (hydraulic system), Cooling System, Seals and Gaskets, Electrical System, Fuel System, Fluids (from a covered repair), Steering (stem, bearings, bushings), Suspension (front fork and rear hubs, bushings, and spindles), and Touring Equipment (latches, hinges, and brackets). Wear and tear items including brake pads/shoes, tires, etc. are not covered.





 Our Goal


    Our goal is to offer only quality, low-mileage, clean titled motorcycles that pass our high standards of quality and safety.  Our inventory is always inspected for any mechanical and cosmetic issues and repaired if needed.  We always replace the engine oil and oil filter on all of our inventory.  We provide full history and title reports on all inventory when information is available. There are a few states including Kansas that do not report history/title information for motorcycles to the national registry for history and title reports.


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